No matter how cautious one is, there will undoubtedly come a time when the worst happens.

Lost data and passwords can be a nightmare. We can help with Disaster recovery solutions. Give us a call - we can't promise to do the impossible be we will try our best!

We can help you through such stressful times with our comprehensive recovery service. From resetting missing or forgotten system passwords, through to recovering deleted data from a hard drive, we can provide a cost-effective solution.

If the hard drive is still rotating we stand a reasonable chance of recovering the data. If it has stopped rotating we have to send it off to be disassembled in a "white room" (totally sterile dust free). This can be expensive.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business resilience or continuity is often overlooked.  How long can you survive if your broadband goes down, there is a poweroutage or you are the victim of flood, fire, robbery or pestilence?  OK now you've answered the question what are you going to do about it?  Still not sure?  The give us a call. There are plenty of simple solutions that will ensure you can keep running when disaster strikes and it's probably a lot less expensice than you might think.

We live in a world that is heavily reliant on technology.  If you don't have a plan "B" then you're lost.