In today's fast moving businesses, developing the right network solution for your business is vital to your success in the age of information technology. WCS Ltd's Construction & Cabling solutions are your source for that success. With extensive experience and knowledgeable staff, we are leading the way in network design and implementation. With a robust list of certifications and reselling capabilities including: IBM, Fujitsu Siemens, Compaq/HP and Intel Systems, WCS Ltd can be trusted for all your networking needs, whatever they may be. 

The accurate planning and design of a network is the primary key to overall network reliability and performance. At WCS Ltd will evaluate your specific requirements and needs, and will create a network solution catered to fit your business objectives. Using the latest technologies and techniques available, we will design a network that is secure, efficient, and lucrative, as well as expandable and upgradeable, two vital components of a good network.


Certified in the latest technologies and programs, the employees at WCS Ltd ensure an excellent and swift installation of your network system. On-site work will be delivered with minimum disruption to your environment. We also provide high calibre project management for timely delivery and successful finished solutions.


Integrated IT is well versed in the art and implementation of cabling. Using the latest products available we are able to provide our customers with reliable, long-lasting service.


With the ever increasing requirement for mobility and the use of portable equipment, we recognise that users may not want to be fixed to one location or have miles of wire. To that end we can offer comprehensive wireless solutions with encrypted technology to protect your enviroment. Or if you have a BT Home hub and not a clue as to how to make it work - give us a call and save yourself a lot of grief (and we are cheaper than BT!)

System Integration

Whatever the size of your network needs, WCS Ltd will work diligently with your business to ensure the proper solution. From Local Area Networks (LAN) to Wide Area Networks (WAN), we have to tools and the staff to create the right system for your current needs as well as for your future.


WCS Ltd provides a proactive support structure to ensure support whenever and wherever you need it. From our website, you can access our support services and begin your support queries. Whether you need on-site technical support or if you have a specific network problem our support services are there when you need them.

WCS Ltd installs structured networks that can easily adapt to your organisation's changing requirements.
"we don't just create your network solutions. we make them work"