For some 25 years Woolrych Computer Services has been providing a comprehensive service providing personal service to the home and small business user (& people who work from home). I have now reached that time where I feel that advancing age means that I need to do less.  Therefor, I have taken the decision to retire.  I have switched to focus from fixing things to giving advice.  The direction of the business is now as a Consultant in IT & CCTV.

For those people who don't read instructions/information. 
I have retired from IT, I don't fix computers any more.

I am well placed to give advice on what to buy and how to install it or can recommend someone who can on your behalf.

With continuing uncertainly in working practices I can advise on how to best implement working from home and hybrid working so that best use can be made of equipment and flexible staffing.

I have been involved with CCTV and security for over 50 years; advising, installing and providing evidence. Experience has shown that CCTV has many benefits, providing peace of mind and security.  Poorly sited and cheap equipment are worse than useless.  However, it doesn't need to cost the earth.  Talk to us first, we give advice!




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