Portable Appliance Testing - PAT Testing

We are now able to offer PAT testing. NAPIT Authorised tester No. 4785

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992

In essence these regulations say that if it has a plug on it and is used for or in conjunction with any work application or used on work premises it has to be tested and records kept.

That means that from your mobile phone charger to the photocopier must be tested.

IT equipment is tested differently from other equipment to that it is not damaged. We take care not to expose your expensive equipment high and destructive voltages.

What we do

Depending on the type of equipment Class I, Class II, IT Equipment or extension cables we will conduct the appropriate test.
The item of equipment will be marked with the appropriate label and the date when it should next be tested.

A record of all equipment tested will be kept and a copy given to you.

What we change

This will depend on the number of items to be tested.
We do have a £10 minimum charge.

  1- 10    £2.00 per item
10- 50    £1.50 per item
50- 100  £1.45 per item

Free Repairs

We are realistic about testing equipment. Minor faults found during the course of the inspection will be repaired as we find them and the appliance re-tested. You just pay for the parts used.

All minor repairs are carried out free of charge, including the following:

Replacement of faulty or damaged mains plug (BS1363 - you pay for the new plug)
Replacement of damaged or incorrectly rated fuses
Re-wiring of incorrect connections in the mains plug
Repair to faulty cable grips in the mains plug
Minor repairs requiring less than ten minutes labour
Re-test following repair

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